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Welcome to Land Rover Calgary

Land Rover Calgary has grown to become a premierLand Roverauto dealer in theregion. Throughout our tenure we have strived to include the best possible customer service with top-notch repair/maintenance work and comprehensive new and used car, truck, minivan and SUV inventories.

Over the years, Land Rover Calgary has grown in its current location, as we now offer a state-of-the-art showroom, Parts & Service Centres and a Finance Department. Whether you are in need of a newLand Roveror parts / service for your current vehicle, Land Rover Calgary of Calgary is here to assist you with any of your automotive needs!

At Land Rover Calgary, we look forward to serving you, or valued customer, for years to come. Please stop by our dealership, located at 175 Glendeer Circle S.E., Calgary, AB and speak with one of our representatives today!

History of Land Rover

Integral to the Land Rover Experience are the rich heritage and long lineage that inform us of who we are, and where we are going. Come with us as we follow the evolution of a remarkable vehicle-and the equally remarkable vehicles it inspired.

1948: The Legend Begins
  • The first Land Rover, built by brothers Spencer and Maurice Wilks for British car company Rover, rolls off the production line
  • Engineered to reach rural British terrain no other vehicle could
  • Sparse, utilitarian design includes short wheelbase, short front and rear overhangs, 4-wheel-drive system, low-weight aluminum bodywork
  • Work vehicle of choice for drivers of the military, agriculture and emergency services
  • Immensely popular from the get-go

1958-1971: Rugged and Refined

  • Land Rover Series II and IIA introduce new design and engineering refinements
  • More sculpted appearance and larger, more powerful engine
  • Longer wheelbase, improved stability, tighter turning radius result in more responsive ride
  • In the '60s, Land Rover takes lead in emerging market for 4-wheel-drive vehicles

1970: Range Rover Makes Its Global Debut

  • Range Rover launches in 1970 to immediate critical acclaim
  • Range Rover goes on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris
  • British army major drives his Range Rover in six-month journey from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina
  • Design enhancements make for a beautifully proportioned car
  • A light V8 engine coupled with coil suspension provide car-like performance and comfort

1970s-80s: The Lineage Expands

  • Land Rover introduces advanced, new all-synchromesh transmission
  • Enhanced on- and off-road capabilities earn Land Rover distinction in endurance motorsports events including the Paris-Dakar rally
  • 1984-Defender 90 is launched
  • 1987-The first U.S.-specification Range Rovers go on sale in the United States
  • Land Rover unveils the first Discovery in 1989
  • Range Rover continues to gain momentum, winning accolades and becoming the must-have 4x4 vehicle

1990s: A Busy Decade

  • The imposing and unique Defender 110 is released, to the applause of car collectors everywhere
  • 1994-Discovery offers the first SUV with dual airbags
  • 1995-Range Rover is launched, packed with a host of technological innovations
  • 1997-Freelander launched in Europe
  • 1999-Discovery Series II enters the North American market in January with the first redesign of Land Rover's popular Discovery model.

2000s: Today and Tomorrow

  • 2001-The five-door V6 Freelander is launched in North America
  • 2002-Freelander SE3, the three-door version, is launched
  • 2002-Freelander earns a spot onAutomobileMagazine's All-Star list
  • 2003-Range Rover launches with a powerful 4.4-litre V8 engine and many other styling and engineering refinements
  • 2004-Land Rover unveils Range Stormer, Land Rover's first-ever concept car
  • 2004-The newLand Rover LR3 is introduced-and quickly wins the 2005 Motor Trend SUV of the Year award
  • 2005-Land Rover introduces its first sports tourer-The Range Rover Sport
  • 2005-The 2006 Range Rover features its first supercharged motor-making it the most powerful yet quietest Range Rover ever
  • 2005-The new Land Rovers are welcomed worldwide with 96 global awards-and counting...
  • 2007-The 2008 LR2 SE is launched in North America
  • 2008-The improved 2008 LR2 HSE with updated accoutrements is introduced
  • 2008-The LRx concept car is unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan
  • 2009- The 2010 LR4 is launched in North America
  • 2009- The 2010 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport launch with powerful new LR-V8 engines and many other styling and engineering refinments

The Legend Continues
60 years of fearless dreaming, exploring, and engineering has led to the creation of nine remarkable Land Rovers. From the 1948 Series One to the 2010 LR4, the past six decades of development have proven beyond a doubt the extraordinary capability of Land Rover vehicles. This is the just the beginning.

As the years move forward, as exploration and adventure take on new dimensions-as the world around us changes, Land Rover will continue to be on the forefront of advanced vehicular design. The LRx concept vehicle is a testament to this vision, and our belief in a tradition of exploration, adventure and excellent engineering. Legends were born 60 years ago. As long as the world's ambition never wanes, as long as people share with us a passion for exploration, adventure, and unmatched driving experience, the same things will said of us 60 years from today.

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